Mad Gleams is a Chicago-based musical act fronted by singer-songwriter Ezra Giovanetto.


New music available to stream and download free.

In 2014, Ezra recorded seven demos live to a cassette four track in his attic apartment in Chicago. Currently available to stream and download from soundcloud [...]

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Well, here it is. A website for the Chicago-based independent rock band Mad Gleams (aka The Mad Gleams). Featuring FREE MUSIC, information, and updates on future shows and releases. More to come. Thanks for visiting.

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Mad Gleams (or The Mad Gleams) is a Chicago-based independent rock band made up of songwriter Ezra Giovanetto and a rotating group of collaborators.

The group was founded in Peoria, Illinois in December of 2010 by Allison Baker and Ezra Giovanetto. The then duo toured in support of psychedelic folk legend DAVE BIXBY on his comeback performances in 2011. If you haven’t heard his spectacular 1969 album, one place to get it is here.

Ezra has also had the pleasure of touring and collaborating with DERRICK HARTĀ from 2011 to 2013. Derrick has several fantastic albums, one called The Shock You Experience At The Sudden Recollection of the Moment You Were Conceived.

After a stint playing bass in the Peoria-based indie rock band The Dirty Gentleman, Ezra relocated to Chicago in August of 2012 where he has continued to write and perform music.


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